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Due to various events in different time zones some very important measures were summarized, sorted and specified in the same time leap. One of these measures is officially called the Goohood Ride. All actions specified therein are not contained to a legal standard of your time zone. The tour is conducted by professional Riders and is not intended to be imitate. That Ride starts 2014 (YTZ) in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA). All contents will be transpired to you as soon as your time zone allows. In the history of Fartwind some Schwingos have been putting themselves in many Curvy’s and Pebbles. May Purple Pebble Juice outweigh for all of us…


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Bag of Tricks                 Beaver Drift

Speed                                       ​​III

Flexibility                                II

Curvy Height                          I




"Schwingding is rooted in the culture of finding alternative ways of living, riding and feeling. It is about additional variety, thinking about your surroundings and standing for yourself. Needless to say it’s especially dedicated to all the dreamers and believers out there."