SchwingDing bikes are exclusively available on, in selected shops and from chosen Schwingos. Schwingos have their moves, riding skills and characteristics. For this reason each owner of a SchwingDing has his own SchwingDigga number which is located on the frame. If you want to be an official SchwingDigga you need nothing more than your own Ding for starting your fartwind.


Basically every single Rider is allowed to register for the official Schwingo education which gives the allowance to resell SchwingDing bikes.  If you want to become an official SchwingDigga please don’t hesitate to send us your personal request for further information by Email. All about street love…


SchwingDing is working with selected partners for sales and marketing. All partners which resell the original products of SchwingDing are tested, specially selected and completely fulfill our standards of quality, OTD-delivery, reliability and professionalism at all levels of business lines.


SchwingDing bikes are intended to be sold only in a completely assembled and adjusted condition, by authorized SchwingDing retailers, the official online shop on or SchwingDiggas at authorized locations. We have generally prohibited the sale of SchwingDing bikes through unauthorized Internet vendors. If you have any suspicion or concerns re the authenticity of a seller, please contact us on We do this for your safety. Please note that your initial 30 day service visit and the first check before your first ride at your bicycle mechanic is also very important. Beyond safety, your fit, comfort and satisfaction with the performance of the SchwingDing are best assured by hands-on professional service. Finally, as authorized SchwingDing retailers are not permitted to sell our bikes via the Internet or mail order. Those bikes that are offered through these channels are often second hand, or compromised in some way. Chosen and proved vendors for Internet selling are clearly published on our website Be aware that Internet fraud happens. Please don’t let this happen to you.


Warning: All SchwingDing bicycle-orders are binded to your Owners Manual. It is important to your safety and to maximize the performance of your SchwingDing that you read the Owner’s Manual and any other documents that were in relation with your own Schafety. If you suspect that you do not have all of the instructional materials that should accompany your bike, double check with your retailer or bicycle mechanic and reach out to us on Catalog, website, product descriptions and marketing materials are not instructions. You must read and follow the Owner’s Manual and any written instruction.

 During promotion rides, promotion recordings and promotion publications carelessness can happen. If you think any of our audio-, video- or text publications has content of you, your brand/company, your art or the art of someone you know without consideration of copyright, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that any kind of this content will be deleted immediately. Just feel free to inform us by email.