We live in a world with different styles, individual cosmovisions and lots of different ways to express oneself. Day by day we are collecting different impressions to top off our boost with street sparks from riding spots around the world. We do live our lives now and we do live it in self-fulfillment. Gettin Pebble Juice is our story and each Rider is co-writing this story individually in his own dimension.

SchwingDing was founded on the art, design and ideals of freedom, imagination and the ongoing searching of fartwind.The Brand was born 2007 at a barbecue in California. It was decided to build up an optimal version of a bike which allow riders to lean into Curvy’s of life.

Powered by a network of Schwingos and Natural Born Riders across different countries, SchwingDing offers the official SchwingDing with its developed premium aluminum frame on some dope 24inch wheels.

SchwingDing is rooted in the culture of finding alternative ways of living, riding and feeling. It is about additional variety, thinking about your surroundings and standing for yourself. Kind of needless to say it’s dedicated to all the dreamers and believers out there. All for that Purple Pebble Juice…